IMPORTANT: Barbecues, braziers and spark-arresters at the rally

Due to the continuing hot and dry weather we have needed to review our approach to the risk of a fire starting on site.

In line with some other recent events we have decided to ask for exhibitors, traders, camper and any others staying on site to not use any type of open fire where burning material can fall to the ground and also portable/disposable barbecues which are close to the ground. Enclosed Barbecues which are raised off the ground, typically at waist level are okay, but we still ask for all to be careful and have to hand some way to extinguish a fire should hot material fall to the ground.

For all steam engines (large and small), please ensure you run only with an effective spark-arrester.

We hope this is seen as a proportional response and look to support from all attending the rally to protect the site which is most generously loaned to the event.